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AssetRise Product Updates December 2023

December Product Feature Updates

Welcome to the product updates and roadmap for December 2023.  We will provide in-progress and planned feature updates.


We welcome feedback via email or check out our changemap page where users can vote on features, provide feedback, and even post comments.  

Planned Features for December

Modify Existing Porfolios

This release will enable you to add new tickers and custom assets to an existing portfolio.  This includes any ticker via API or even a custom asset such as cash, real estate, or any category you wish.

The ability to modify portfolios allows the user to select a pre-built portfolio then customize to their unique needs.

Create Custom Portfolios

This release will allow users to build their own unique portfolio from scratch.  This includes portfolio name, tickers, custom assets, quantity, purchase price, and asset allocation for an unlimited number of accounts.


This feature is important for users who want to by-pass the pre-built portfolios so they can build thier own portfolios from scratch.

Demo: Modify Portfolio Preview

Here is a 30 second preview of the ability to customize an AssetRise portfolio

Wrapping Up

December is a big month for our users.  The ability to customize portfolios and create portfolios from scratch will provide 100% control over your assets. 


We’re looking for tester and early adopters.  If you are interested contact us to get a private preview access account on our development servers.

About AssetRise

AssetRise provides Boglehead, Vanguard, and FIRE investors portfolio allocation and rebalance tools to simplify investing and increase returns.  AssetRise provides an industry leading portfolio rebalance calculator to increase investor returns.

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