Powerful rebalance portfolio calculation tools

Maximize investment returns through a simple portfolio rebalance calculator tool that provides precise delta between your asset allocation.


Enter an unlimited number of accounts to see your aggregate allocation.


Receive weekly email snapshots, set target allocation, and receive signals based on your needs.


Unified Asset Allocation

Maintain your asset allocation across multiple taxable, 401k, IRA, and investment accounts.

Track Performance

See your full portfolio or account level performance of all assets including dividend projections.

Full Customization

Select pre-built portfolios, modify, or build from scratch including custom assets.

1. Set your custom asset allocation

Set your custom asset allocation including custom asset types and % by category in our user panel.

2. See current vs. target asset allocation

AssetRise Portfolio rebalance calculator provides the exact delta to maintain your desired asset allocation.

Leverage the AssetRise Rebalance Portfolio Tool to create your own view in under 5 minutes! 

Then receive alerts and signals when its time to rebalance.  See the video below to get started

3. Monitor and Rebalance 

Leverage AssetRise portfolio rebalance alerts to keep your assets in balance.

Full Customization

Modify existing portfolios or build from scratch.  Create custom asset classes and asset types to meet your needs.
See AssetRise demos and video to learn more