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Free Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheets

AssetRise is on Online Portfolio Management Tool specializing in an investors current vs. target asset allocation, along with Rebalance Targets. 


Many investors create custom spreadsheets to track investments.  We started using spreadsheets, however they become complex and if not accurate, can cause errors in critical portfolio management includng lower returns!


Here are samples of free Online Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheets.

Bogleheads Rebalancing Spreadsheets


  • Rebalancing Bands Spreadsheet illustrating how to define 5/25 absolute/relative rebalancing bands across asset classes, on Google Docs from wiki contributor Hoppy08520, October 2014.
  • Rebalancing spreadsheet, free download from Google Docs. Supplies three example approaches to rebalance a portfolio by allocation percentage, transfer amount, or final value; by forum member LadyGeek. To download, select File –> Download As –> Excel or OpenDocument.
  • Boglehead rebalance.xls on Google Drive, by forum member LeeMKE. Rebalance your portfolio across multiple accounts. Includes space to keep notes.

Advanced Allocation Allocation Spreadsheet


Here’s a sample of an advanced portfolio tracking spreadsheet that includes Stocks, Bonds, REIT, Cash, and Real Estate.


You can access the Google Sheet here 




How AssetRise Simplifies Portfolio Management vs. Spreadsheets

AssetRise summarizes your target asset allocation vs. current allocation across all your investments, including the exact amount to stay in balance.


AssetRise offers a simple dashboard visual including all the key information you need to manage and rebalance your portfolio including:


  • Current Asset Allocation
  • Target Asset Allocation
  • Rebalance Amount
  • Account Level Dashboards
  • Dividend Income Projections
  • Portfolio Return %


See the simple asset allocation and rebalance view below:

Try AssetRise at no cost, with no credit card required to join.  Add your first 2 Vanguard Online Portfolios for free today.

About AssetRise

AssetRise provides Boglehead, Vanguard, and FIRE investors portfolio allocation and rebalance tools to simplify investing and increase returns.  AssetRise provides an industry leading portfolio rebalance calculator to increase investor returns.

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