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Long Term Investing Pays Off

Invest for the long term to increase return on investment


Warren Buffet stated “time in the market beats market timing”.  For us individual investors, he’s correct.  Take a look at this chart of the odds to make vs. lose money by staying invested over the long term.  


As you can see, simply staying the course in the index has resulted in increaed gains.  


While there’s nothing wrong with keeping some “play money” in individual stocks, you can build generational wealth simply following the Bogleheads investment methodology that we break down in our Blog Post.  You can also follow us on Twitter @boglewealth.


At AssetRise we believe in the Vanguard Bogleheads principles of Index Investing.  


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Disclaimer: the information in this article is for information and research purposes only.  It does constitute financial advice.

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AssetRise provides Boglehead, Vanguard, and FIRE investors portfolio allocation and rebalance tools to simplify investing and increase returns.  AssetRise provides an industry leading portfolio rebalance calculator to increase investor returns.

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