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About AssetRise

AssetRise is the only online portfolio tool that provides individual investors a single view of all assets including stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto, commodities.  The ability to create custom assets in your portfolio provides investors unlimited possibilities to custom design a portfolio to their unique needs.


AssetRise is the ultimate online portfolio tool to provide a portfolio rebalance calculator including the current portfolio asset weight vs. the users target portfolio asset weight across all investors accounts.

AssetRise provides investors a customization platform to capture their asset allocation for portfolio rebalancing and optimization.  AssetRise is designed for individual investors to replace custom spreadsheets.


The portfolios are then rolled up into a single dashboard that allows the user to visualize their asset allocation, dividend, income, and portfolio return.

A portfolio is a collection of investment assets.  While most online portfolio trackers focus on stocks only, AssetRise provides investors to organize unlimited portfolio’s into a single portfolio view, broken down by account and asset type for simple rebalancing & optimization.

The power of AssetRise lies in the flexibility for users to build portfolios using the following methods:


  1. Live Stock Market Tickers: AssetRise provides over 50 stock market live prices.  Users simply add their ticker and quantity.
  2. Custom Assets: Users have the flexibility to create a custom asset within a portfolio for ultimate customization. 
  3. Coming Soon: Investment Account Sync (Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab)

Support FAQ

E-mail  We will respond within 12 hours or sooner.

AssetRise provides 3 methods to create a portfolio:

  1. Pre-Built Portfolios: select from the widely used portfolios such as Lazy Portfolios, Boglehead 3 Fund, and more.  Simply add your number of shares to get started.
  2. Custom Portfolio: Users can create an unlimited number of custom portfolios including a mix of real time tickers and custom assets.
  3. Investment Account Sync: Coming SOON

Yes!  Simple add a new asset to a pre-built portfolio or edit the current tickers in a pre-built portfolio.

Yes!  All features are including in all plans.  The only difference between free vs. paid plans is the number of portfolios a user can create.

Many 401k plans use custom investments that do not have a public ticker.  If this is the case, then you can create a custom asset to account for the asset.


  1. Create a custom asset
  2. Select the asset type
  3. Use the value of 1, do not enter the value
  4. Enter the dollar amount as the quantity.  For example: if your 401k asset balance is $43,000 then use value of $1 x $43,000.
See AssetRise demos and video to learn more