Bogleheads Core Four Portfolio

The Bogleheads Core Four Portfolio is a diversified portfolio that extends the Bogleheads Three-fund Portfolio with the addition of real estate. It was introduced on the forum in 2007.

Here is the asset allocation of the Bogleheads Core Four Portfolio.

ETF: VTI U.S. Market30%
ETF: BND Mid Term Bond30%

The portfolio represents four broadly diversified assets classes:

  • Total Global Stock Market (approximately 60% US and 40% non-US)
  • US Small Value Stocks
  • US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • US Investment-grade Bonds

The global stock market is represented by broad global index funds that include US, developed, and emerging markets. This portfolio offers investors diversified exposure to global markets, including all market-cap sizes and market sectors for both bonds and stocks.

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